Hail Damage


10 point inspection

Your preferred local contractor will inspect and inform you of the following

1. Current Date of Loss – the most recent hail or wind storm in your area that caused damages

2. Roof – condition of roof, any missing or hail damaged shingles, hail damage to vents and flashing, type of shingle ( 3 tab, architectural, organic or fiberglass )

3. Hail damage to soft metals; fascia, window wraps

4. Hail damage to Window or Screen damage

5.Hail or wind damage to Gutters & Downspout

6. Hail or wind damage to Siding – aluminum, vinyl, or wood (oxidation splatter)

7. Hail or wind damage to Detached structures – shed, garage, play set

8. Hail damage to Fence, deck, pergalla (stripping the paint or stain)

9. Hail or wind damage to Personal property – lawn ordainment, grill, window well covers

10. Hail damage to Vehicles, campers (dents in the top of vehicles)

All these items should show damage and validate if it’s new hail damage or old hail damage


Consumer Rights Form page

Avoiding Home Repair Fraud page

Insurance Claim Process for liberty page

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